What's the Story Behind the Historic Ghost Tours of Elgin?
The Historic Ghost Tours of Elgin is a five-hour guided bus tour that takes you inside several of Elgin, Illinois' most haunted cemeteries in its history.  This is not your ordinary ghost tour!  Instead, this tour provides you the opportunity to conduct a real ghost hunt in search of hard evidence of an afterlife.  Historic Ghost Tours of Elgin is a division of Haunted Hometowns  Corporation, which also owns Historic Ghost Tours of Naperville and Historic Ghost Tours of Aurora.

BONUS!  Go Ghost Hunting with EMF "Ghost Meters," Provided FREE!
Please bring your cameras, digital/tape recorders, flashlights (a must), night vision goggles, and any other ghost hunting equipment you have at hand.  We'll have some cool equipment, plus provide authentic EMF "Ghost Meters" FREE for your use during your Historic Ghost Tours of Elgin ghost hunt.  PLEASE NOTE:  We do not promise that any paranormal activity will occur during your ghost hunt of Elgin's haunted hotspots.  Any activity that may happen is not created, rigged or otherwise staged by your Ghost Hunter Guide or anyone with the Historic Ghost Tours of Elgin company. ANY PARANORMAL ACTIVITY THAT MIGHT OCCUR DURING YOUR GHOST TOUR OF ELGIN IS GENUINE.

Costume Contest on Halloween Night...Fun Prizes Awarded!
ghost tour Elgin, IL
If you think this is just another Halloween ghost tour
. . . you're dead wrong.
An unnatural mist appears behind tour owner Diane Ladley on a daylight visit to one of the last haunted sites on the HIstoric Ghost Tour of Elgin
Because this unique tour takes you on a ghost hunt inside Elgin's most haunted cemetaries!
Bring your cameras, digital or tape recorders, and nerves of steel as you follow an experienced paranormal investigator inside Elgin's highly haunted cemeteries.  Historic Ghost Tours of Elgin take you deep amid the gloomy mausoleums, crypts and tombstones to try to capture hard evidence of life after death. 

Do you dare reserve a ticket to this terrifying ghost hunt tour this Halloween season?  Read on about this scary ghost hunt tour of Elgin' cemeteries.  Afraid?  If you're not yet, you will be.  Oh yes, you will.
5-hour bus ghost hunt tour of Elgin's cemeteries
$48 per person.
Diane Ladley, "America's Ghost Storyteller", proudly presents . . .
A division of Haunted Hometowns Corp.
5-hour van/bus Elgin ghost hunt tour ,  $48.00 per person
Reserve tickets now.